Table Top Charger from ChargeAndGrow

Perfect for business owners operating within a  retail premises or anywhere the public or their customers, have to wait, or sit for a while.

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Ruairi White
Brilliant idea supplying charges etc to customers.. saves staff taking phones behind the bar.


Shane The Bridge Bar
Management no longer allows phones behind the bar because of potential issues, so the chargers are a great option for customers.


Conor McSwiggans
Handy job for customers and they love they can keep the phone with them. I think the fact they can charge their vape device is nearly more important to them.


Great for sitting on the table and the advertising option is super idea. We put a special on like a cocktail special on one side and the scan code on the other. No looking after in the device just remember to put them back on the stand to recharge.


Wedding Day Hire
Brilliant touch for our wedding. Chargers were big in demand and everyone commented on the fact they were available. To think we weren't going to bother. The video message was class but would have loved if the recording of the video message could be available afterwards. Maybe it is?


Perfect on a table or bar, right next to your customers

Your customers scan the ChargeAndGrow QR code and use for 30 minutes to an hour. The device can charge three devices at a time, so friends at a table can share. Will charge iPhones, android phones, tablets etc..

We have different options for you as a business to utilise the Table Top device. Contact Us for a now obligation conversation on how the Table Top Menu Charger can help your customers and your business.

Option 1

Buy at the lowest price £25 - which is a shared revenue system - the device is set so the customer pays to charge.

Option 2

Buy the units at £45 - here they want the device to show an advert before the customer charges their device - we can upload the advert - as a video or a static image etc

Option 3

Buy the units at £65 each and the unit is set to free charge for the customer.

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