Table Top Charger

Revolutionary Device!

The Table Top Charger

The Charging Device that allows user to relax and Charge anywhere.

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Perfect on a table and bar right next to your customers

Your customers scan the ChargeAndGrow  QR code and use for 30 minutes to a hour at a time. The device can charge three devices at a time, so friends at a table can share. Will charge iphones, android phones, tablets etc..

We have different options for you as a business to utilise the Table Top device. Contact Us for a now obligation conversation on how ChargeAndGrow can help your customers and the environment.

Order you Table Top Charger securely via PayPal.

How to use: Tabletop Charger for phones and devices like vape cigs, tablets, iPhones, Android phones etc. Sits freely on any table use your phone to scan and to pay and charge. ChargeAndGrow support the replanting of destructed areas. If you are a bar or cafe or anywhere clients sit for a while.. this is the answer.

Mobile phone charging to most people is not a luxury but a necessity, therefore as a business you must keep this in mind when you think of creating the correct service for your customers.


Input Voltage 100-240V AC ? 50-60 Hz
Output Voltage (AC Adaptor) 5V / 2A
Output Current 5V / 2A
Number of charging ports 3
Battery Capacity 10000mAh (37WH)
Contents 1 x 100 ~ 240V / 50-60 Hz Adaptor
1 x Acrylic Advertising Tent
1 x Desktop Charger
1 x User Manual

Order you Table Top Charger securely via PayPal.


What are the different options for each location?

So we have four options:

1. You purchase the Table Top Unit at a discounted price (£25)- you split any money generated.

2. Purchase unit and set to advert plus pay (£45) and you pay for advert upload.

3 You buy the Table Top outright (£65) and keep any money generated - support is included but again you must pay for battery bank renewal when time comes to change. * If you decide on this option, the unit is set at free vend, if after purchase you want to change to customer pay/advert - this can be done but charges apply.

4. We place the unit (if we think your location is a perfect fit) and pay you 20% of money generated or alternatively to a charity of your choice, but we are responsible for battery renewal and any unit problems or replacement parts needed.

Supporting Plant a Tree is entirely our prerogative and commitment to the world we live in and does not affect you.

How Plant a tree working?

You charge and we plant a tree. are committed to helping replenish and re-plant the worlds trees. We will on an ongoing basis spend money with charities and foundations carrying out this vital task for all our benefit.The Amazon needs our help but then again everywhere needs all our collective help. How many trees will we plant? Wow how many would we like to plant!

We will aim for one hundred and after one hundred we will aim for one thousand and then ten thousand and so on.... for now we will start with one tree, one beautiful tree at a time.

We like simple, it's how we grow.

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