Example video below is a real video message used by clients but is not real-time full phone view.

Chargers For Weddings

Offer your guests complimentary use of Table Top Phone Chargers

Regardless of the event, you can now offer your guests complimentary charging of their devices.

Charger Rental

As a Hotel or wedding Venue, you can now offer your guests or clients the opportunity to rent the Table Top Chargers and in turn provide their own guests, free device charging. The stress is taken away from the device owner, the thought of their phone or vape device 'running' out of battery is gone. A simple solution and one many times overlooked but totally needed. 
Add on top of this your own personalised message to the users if required. Maybe a thank you for the wedding gifts or maybe just a nice welcome, your guests will be surprised and believe it or not - will carry the memory of how you, thought of the detail and remembered their needs.


When planning an event, you will know, from attending other events, its the little things that people remember. Yes the seat covers are important and the sweet trolley is now a regular feature, all great to add to an occasion but what about the guests themselves?. They are spending quite a lot of time, out of their rooms and cars, away from their device chargers, to keep that 'ever needed friend' their phone etc, operating, taking pictures, checking in with home, scrolling wedding photos, or checking missed calls. 
As the day progresses, the 'Battery stress' increases and by the end of night, guests are on their hands and knees, searching out that one socket, to get a bit of life into their device and that's only if they remembered their charging cable! 
You can take all that stress away and the guests will truly appreciate it!
The best way to impress someone at an event,  is to give them something they need.. no matter how organised they are, everyone suffers low battery syndrome!

How it works!

  1. Hotel contacts us (or client/wedding planner etc) and gives us the details, of the event or wedding.
  2. We contact the event organisers, arrange photos etc or video message, clients using phone chargers will watch, before charging their phones.
  3. We have everything ready for the big day.
  4. Users at the event, lift a phone charger, bring it to their table - scan the QR code on the Table Charger. - A message from their hosts is played and the user enters the code provided into the table top charger and charges away!

EXAMPLE MESSAGE : This is a REAL MESSAGE (below) by a couple for their wedding guests to view, when they used the Table Top Charger  - we will create and display your message..  click play on video below

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