Mobile phone charging is not a luxury but a necessity

Therefore as a business you must keep this in mind when you think of creating a service for your customers. Your customers simply do not want the stress of a phone that could run out of battery!

Mobile phone charging with ChargeAndGrow

Most of us rely on our phones to operate throughout our day, whether it be for work purposes or simply being connected to people, so making sure that your customers can charge their mobile phone, means, ensuring that their day can run seamlessly, without the stress of being disconnected.

We can supply you with the latest in technology and creativity to ensure your business is not only maintaining health and safety standards but also seen as a modern and 'socially connected' enterprise.

Purchase Unit @£25

You purchase the unit at a subsidised price and split the revenue.

Alternatively you can purchase the unit at £65 and place it on free use for customers - but if afterwards you change to pay or adding adverts there will be a charge.

Purchase Unit @ £45

You purchase the Charging Unit  - allowing your adverts to be displayed to users plus they pay - at a price you set - you pay monthly for the advert upload support (£2 per week )but can change the advert as many times you like. 

We Place & Pay

We place machine and pay you 20% of money generated but we are responsible for battery renewal and any problems or replacement parts needed. We will need to know your location has potential for revenue and staff will follow the necessary steps to ensure proper use- siting etc

Charge and Grow is the perfect charging solution.

Today’s advances in mobile technology have impacted on a phone’s battery life, together with a more socially connected world which relies on resources such as GPS, 4G and camera streaming as more people use their phone for work. This means that a person who owns even the most powerful phone may find that they are close to zero power by early afternoon.

Even the most organised of people who remember to carry around a spare battery bank can be caught out with drained power and nowhere to charge their phone. Although many businesses will gladly do their customers the service of charging their phone, this usually involves taking the phone away from the customer and infringing on health and safety standards by increasing the spread of contact bacteria and necessitating the use of extra cables in the workplace.

You can give power to your customers without their phone ever leaving their hands.

It’s a simple solution but it solves a common problem.

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Not all 4g routers are the same!

Our upgraded Cat6 UK/Irish 4G router takes 2x Nano-SIM cards and provides faster speed internet on Wi-Fi and LAN. Cat6 mobile modem inside supports all of UK/Irish mobile networks.

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