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Jul 23 2014 02:14pm
fbAppeal - Someone out there may be able to help one of our followers

"Hi was wondering could u put up a status to see if anyone has any houses to rent I'm homeless and extremely desperate, I have a full time job and a means to pay rent"
Jul 23 2014 01:25pm
fbIf you need to check the Weather today then GO OUTSIDE!!!!
or else watch Rory and he will tell you :)

Jul 23 2014 01:20pm
fbToday's Newsbyte on Destination Newry

Jul 23 2014 12:52pm
fbCheck out today's edition of "What's The Craic"

Jul 23 2014 09:36am
fbSet to be the warmest day of the year today! Have a great one wherever you are :)