Oct 21 2014 05:21am
fbDestination Newry…the Morning Programme….Gonzalo the hurricane…. Devastation in the western Atlantic…now the tail of Gonzalo is whipping us….truly, at Warrenpoint overnight:
“A windy night was blowing on Rome,
The cressets guttered on Caesar's home,
The fish-boats, moored at the bridge, were breaking
The rush of the river to yellow foam“
And on and on goes the Masefield masterpiece……
On the programme today….Feargal McCormack is in Montreal Canada…a major conference of his FPM global outreach……we have his words before he travelled….economic wisdom that is….
And staying with Canada…the Irish Canadians at the time of the First World War….they were keen to go to the front…to embrace the cause…less so the French Canadians….I talk to the professor of history who tells the story and of the caring chaplains who went over the top with their men…..
As Phil Coulter prepares for his great Newry and Newcastle Concerts …this Thursday and Friday…by popular request I bring you again my interview with Phil…We remember his two Concerts in Newry Cathedral….for the Monks of Rostrevor and for my African Schools project…..Phil Coulter at the Canal Court this Thursday night…Newcastle in county Down on Friday….Jack Murphy…back on the home turf of Hill Street… a new prosperity beckoning for our family traders? Who can say….But Jack is as always, the optimist for Newry…and then there’s our north Carolina twin and sister city…Southern Pines…autumn turning to winter there…we hear of the new planned exchange visits….
And John Hughes of the Newry & Mourne Business Network… it’s a story of business success and personal good life-style achievement…catch John at about ten to ten….
Chamber of Commerce with us this morning….Deborah Loughran…what’s hot and what’s not in the business life of the Chamber…Deborah…just after ten this morning…..
The News Hub…of course…music and musings…naturally ..,.the newspapers to start your day…yes indeed.
Join me Rowan Hand 0730 – 1030 hrs BST today…proud to be your host on “Good Morning Newry and Mourne and the World”
Oct 21 2014 04:20am
fbA windy night was blowing on Rome,
The cressets guttered on Caesar's home,
The fish-boats, moored at the bridge, were breaking
The rush of the river to yellow foam.

The hinges whined to the shutters shaking,
When clip-clop-clep came a horse-hoof raking
The stones of the road at Caesar's gate;
The spear-butts jarred at the guard's awaking.
Oct 20 2014 09:00pm
fbThis morning we had Graeme Finnegan, Owner of Grounded Espresso Bars, Newry.

Check out the full interview in the link below


Oct 20 2014 08:33pm
fbI love this Poem, can you say it without smiling?

Smiling is infectious
You catch it like the flu
When someone smiled at me today
I started smiling too

I walked around the corner
And someone saw me grin
When he smiled I realised
I had passed it on to him

I thought about the smile
And then realised its worth
A single smile like mine
Could travel round the earth

So if you feel a smile begin
Don't leave it undetected
Start an epidemic
And get the world infected.

Oct 20 2014 07:30pm
fbPSNI Newry & Mourne have arrested a man after a number of registration plates were taken from cars.


PSNI Statement: Newry
Destination Newry