Mar 04 2015 05:23am
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Entrenched the laws, in the the judicial system....Ferguson.....Missouri...after the shooting dead last year of Afro-American teenager Michael Brown
US Dept of Justice report finds against the law and order system.
of Ferguson......turn back the clock......another age, another started with the slave trade from the west coast of Africa.... I have walked the slave road down which the people were taken to the waiting boats for transportation to the "new world" Americans of African descent remain enslaved to the whim of the a system that allows sign here of the land of the free sign here of the land of the brave.....
By inference is it reasonable to say that Michael Brown was murdered and that his murderer got away with it?

News this morning that two American footballers have willed their heads to science so that their brains may be analysed....a footballing lifetime of hard hits...and they have protection.....
No protection here for the men of rugby....What lies in store for those who have been called for Ireland? Is the game letting them down? Are the hits too hard and too frequent?

The Morning Programme...your host, Rowan Hand.
Mar 04 2015 04:26am
fbDestination Newry The Morning Programme 0730 - 1030 GMT. Your host Rowan Hand.

Imagine having landed on the beaches, straight in from the ocean, ...World War II Normandy.....fellow soldiers sinking just beyond the bow of the landing craft....machine gun barrage....death all around......I speak to a man who was there....on the programme at 0930 gmt....

Magnificent full moon hanging above Carlingfjord Lough in a clear night sky....Venus shining brightly out to the right....unmistakable...the light of another world coming to us through the porthole of our black cloudless canopy.
"that inverted bowl they call the sky,
where under cooped we live and die" Is it Venus...? I guess so but can't be totally sure....oh that my astronomy was better....must go down and see David Moore of Astronomy Ireland, just off the motorway en route to Dublin......

Bad people in the cops in Ferguson Missouri. A US Department of Justice report will today tell the story.... After the killing of the Afro-American Michael Brown, findings show that the Ferguson Police Department "routinely engaged in racially biased practices"
"93% of arrests Afro-American.......
Black people make up majority of incidents in which force is used....all the incidents in which police dogs bite citizens...."
My observation is that something is rotten in the town of Ferguson.
"All men are born equal........" but not in Ferguson it seems.

Let the lungs of Ireland keep sucking it in and blowing it out....healthily I'd say. Ireland will introduce plain packaging for cigarettes and the vendors of death...the tobacco companies don't like a bit of it......court action threatened but the government doesn't care... look, let us get it once and for all.....50% of all smokers, one half of all smokers, will die of diseases caused by smoking.......
Take a sponge, dip it in a bucket of black ink, observe what happens to the sponge....thus it is with tar....not ink....the smokers' alveoli (tiny air sacks in the lungs) clog and die.....followed by the entire of the person.....not immediately of course...but soon!
Michael Walks in Warrenpoint will help you in today.....

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