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About us

We are a Digital Solution company with our head quarters in Ireland. We have, with colleagues in the U.S, Hungary and India developed, what we believe to be the most cost effective, simple to implement, digital signage solution for any and every type of business who want to increase their sales and add to the quality of experience for their customer or audience.

Digital Signage is just a fancy word for displaying your product or service on devices and screens/televisions, engaging with your customer and helping them understand exactly what you do, what services you provide and how they can access the same.

The system uses the power of the ROKU box and only requires internet. Through using the ROKU box our customers get an easy to use, easily managed and easily installed system all at the lowest cost. Now the corner shop can compete with the international chain but also the international chain can implement and control hundreds if not thousands of individual locations from one head office for a fraction of the cost of traditional software managed Digital Signage Solutions.

Traditionally Digital Signage has never been within the grasp of those who probably require it most. The small to medium sized business must get a greater spend from their existing customers because their customer base tends to be more limited. Digital signage provides the platform for them to let their existing customers understand the full range of services they provide.

A now famous statement goes like this "It amazes me to see business spend thousands and thousands of dollars, to ask me to come into their premises, when i was already in their place and they never told me all the services they could provide me".


 DIGITAL SIGNAGE ADVERTISING is the fastest-growing marketing and communications medium in the world, second only to the Internet. Indoor Digital Signage is an effective way to reach customers and clients.



300% increase of sales when aided by a promotion.

77% of those interviewed agreed that in the research test location the indoor Digital Billboard provided

"An easy way to learn about a new product."

68% agreed that digital advertising would influence their decision to buy the advertised products in the future.

65% agreed that it would make them "think more positively" about the advertised product.

44% agreed that advertising on the screen has "influenced them to buy the advertised product instead of the one they planned to buy."




Local Television

Through our passion for easy solutions and or desire to reach the 'man on the street' we also implemented our system to bring local web based TV to the world and started this project with our own home area as the base of our internet television shows. This is something we believe no other company in the U.K or Ireland has done to the same level or service. We hope to be beacons to others and help to inspire others to bring the programmes and information to the real people, the local community. After all what are we without family and community?

If you like what we do locally and feel you have the will and resources to provide live and scheduled programmes to your community and the world, then do not hesitate to contact us. Please fill the form in or give us a call. Thank you.



Vadio Local Network

Building on our programming and by converging our easy to use Digital Signage Solution with our local programming provided by our branded service, we now offer digital signage solutions on a local Newry and Mourne Level with an added bonus! Once again, we all understand, advertising costs money, the first place we should look to increase sales is with our existing clients but still try to find time to get new clients/customers. Through our branded VADIO pages we offer a fixed, weekly payment, at a fraction of the cost of traditional Digital Signage. We simply get you the coverage; we will get you the business, as long as you take our advice and create your adverts and messages in a manner we advise!

The system works like this - you get a digital signage branded TV page which goes up in your premises on screens or televisions, its also available on pc, ipads, androids etc etc. This allows you to create a professional image and communicate with your customers. We also then create an online version which can incorporate your face book, twitter etc and still pass your messages on to your customer. This online web page can be connected to your existing website or as a stand alone website. When you update this with our simple system, (which can be done from your smart phone on the move) not only will your online webpage update but your digital signage in store will update!

Then the next bit of good news. Your advert will also appear on every other business premises in our area! Yes your business will appear on every screen, in every location, except on the screens of anyone in a similar business as you. (There is no point having a screen on in a chemist promoting another chemist) so the bigger the network the more exposure but no extra cost to you!


Now, tell us, who can top that? One location alone we have a screen located in (The Bus depot Newry) figures released by translink in early 2014, say 1.3 million people pass through in a year! That’s only one location!




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